What are some mini Minecraft games?


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Some mini "Minecraft" games are "Asgard Ascension," "Factions," "Capture the Flag," "The Hunger Games" and "Skywars." These games all require the purchase of the computer game "Minecraft."

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"Asgard Ascension" is an adventure-based "Minecraft" mod that allows users to battle it out to conquer the mythical world of Asgard. It is based on the world created by Marvel's "Thor" franchise. "Factions" is a role-playing game modification. It allows players to join factions in order to engage in brutal betrayals, massive raids and tactical defense all within the world of "Minecraft."

"Skywars" is derived from the famous "Skyblock" concept. In "Skyblock," players have to survive in the world of "Minecraft" only existing on a floating island with minimal resources. It can be played cooperatively with friends. "Skywars" takes an interesting spin on the idea by introducing a competitive element. Players can find other players' islands, kill them and take all the resources.

The "Capture the Flag" mini game is based on the traditional outdoor game. Players are divided into teams and have to capture their opponents' flag while guarding their own. "The Hunger Games" mini game is based on the popular book and film series. Players engage in sudden death combat until there is only one person left standing.

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