What Mini Games Are on Minecraft?


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There are vast amounts of mini-games for Minecraft, such as "Moveblock" and "Ore Whacker," as of 2015. The Minecraft Server List website features a comprehensive list of mini-games on Minecraft servers. There are hundreds of mini-games to choose from, and users can create their own mini-games on their respective servers.

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Different Minecraft servers can feature various mini-games. The mini-games offer a wide variety of type, story and game-play. Mini-game themes may correlate with the overall server community atmosphere, or they may differ vastly. The quality of mini-games also varies and is dependent upon their creators and hosts.

Many servers feature information explaining their mini-games on sites such as Minecraftmaps.com. Some examples of mini-games posted there are "Moveblock," which is a simple block-moving game, "Guide the Flying Chicken," for which the player guides Austin the Chicken through various obstacles, and "Ore Whacker," which is a simple ore-smashing game.

As of July 2015, some of the largest and oldest Minecraft servers are: Mineplex, Lichcraft and DatPixel. Each server offers a unique community experience and theme. Most servers have one master host and a number of other administrators, depending on the server's size. Some servers do not have any mini-games, as their host prefers more traditional Minecraft play-through. Reading the server description offers useful information about a specific Minecraft server and its admin.

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