What Are Mini Engine Kits?

What Are Mini Engine Kits?

Miniature engine kits are packages that contain the necessary materials to create a tiny version of a motor engine, built to scale. Some engines are fully-functioning and can power remote-controlled cars, aircraft and boats, among other things.

Miniature engine kits usually contain all the parts needed to build the engine, but users can also create a customized mini engine by purchasing parts separately, such as pistons, aluminum castings and wheel rotors.

Online retailers such as eBay and Amazon.com offer many different types of mini engine kits that cater to a wide variety of mini engine enthusiasts. Users can find plastic engine kits as well as fully-functioning metal engines, complete with moving pistons and cranks.

Some companies, such as Mini Mania, offer complete miniature replicas of real, powerful motor engines in addition to miniature engine kits. These kits usually include cylinder blocks, crankshafts, oil pumps and gaskets. The parts are dynamically balanced to help with the performance of the miniature engine.

Building miniature engines can quickly become a very costly hobby, but there are cheaper kits available that are not as inclusive as their more expensive counterparts. The prices for miniature engine kits can range from $50 to $8,795, as of 2015.