What Is the Minecraft Skindex?

The Minecraft Skindex website is a collection of community-generated skins for Minecraft, a popular sandbox video game available on several platforms. The Skindex hosts skins for the Windows, OS X and Linux versions of the game. Skins enable players to change the appearance of their characters in the game. The Skindex is one of many sites available for user-created Minecraft skins.

Located at MinecraftSkins.com, the Skindex allows player to upload and download PNG image files of custom skins that alter the appearance of the playable character in Minecraft. Users log in and keep track of skins they like by adding them to a virtual wardrobe.

The Skindex also features a skin editor that allows users to create new skins from scratch. Players virtually paint skins block by block, with only one color per block. Once complete, users must log in to upload their skins to the Skindex. However, players do not need to log in to download their creations. There is also an option to upload and change existing skins.

Console versions of Minecraft cannot use skins from the Skindex. The Xbox 360 version of the game only allows extra character skins from the manufacturer, which players can buy through the Xbox Games Store.