What Is a Minecraft Skin?


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In "Minecraft," a skin is a graphical texture that is placed on character and item models. Skins are customizable, including those of the player characters.

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Player character skins are very easy to customize in the full PC version of the game. Players can simply upload files in the .png and .jpg formats that are sized correctly to alter the appearance of a character. Players of the console versions of the game can only change their skins through hacking, which will void the console warranty and can cause them to be banned from the console's online service. Skin packs that add more player skin options are available for the console and pocket editions of the game, however.

Skins for most of the other objects, characters and items in the game can be customized on the PC version by editing or replacing game files. The primary layer of each skin has to be a solid color, but transparency can be used on the second layer of characters, which is where optional accessories like hats and glasses are placed. Player skins can also be swapped out with those of certain monsters that have similar proportions, such as the zombies and the zombie pigmen.

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