How Is "Minecraft Pocket Edition" Different From the Normal Game?


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"Minecraft Pocket Edition" differs from the PC and console versions in several ways, such as having more vibrant graphics, unique items and revised terrain. Certain survival elements of "Minecraft" are not present in "Pocket Edition," including "brewing" and "hunger."

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"Minecraft Pocket Edition" was first released in 2011 for Android devices but is now available on a wide range of mobile touch-screen devices, including the Windows phone, iOS devices and Fire OS, as of 2015. Items found in "Pocket Edition" may have properties that differentiate from the items in the PC and console editions. Features such as the heads-up display have also been changed for the pocket edition so that the game looks nice on a portable screen.

Mobs found in the game also have different effects in "Pocket Edition" when compared to the PC edition. Multiplayer is accessible to "Pocket Edition" players through LAN or by creating an external server. Currently, there is Realm subscription service for "Pocket Edition," as there is for PC. However, "Pocket Realms" was available in version 0.7.1 up until version 0.7.6, and Mojang, the creators of "Minecraft," state that "Pocket Realms" is making a return after they have finished some work on the PC and Mac versions, as of July 2015.

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