What Are Some "Minecraft" PC Cheats?

What Are Some "Minecraft" PC Cheats?

While "Minecraft" does not natively support cheats, it does support "mods" which can give the player an upper hand in multi-player gameplay as well as expanding features of the game. Many mods are available for free online on popular "Minecraft" mod websites.

One of the most popular "Minecraft" websites that promote mods is minecraftforums.net. It promotes many popular mods as well as keeping tabs on mods that are under development. Since "Minecraft" was written in the Java coding language, virtually anybody can create a "Minecraft" mod.

In addition to mods, "Minecraft" also supports texture packs, which are packs that contain different in-game textures. Many texture packs are available online, the majority of them available for free. Different resolutions are available in addition to the vanilla 16x16 textures allowing for HD graphics.

GLSL shaders are also available for "Minecraft," extending its graphical capabilities. Shaders can be found online on minecraftforums.net and on other popular "Minecraft" add-on sites. Since shaders take advantage of the GLSL graphic language, a powerful computer is needed to run the game at a playable frame rate.

Although most mods are used for expanding the gameplay features of "Minecraft," some are created to give unfair advantages that, when used online, can cause players to get banned from servers.