What Are Some "Minecraft" Mod Packs?


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Tekkit Classic, Yogscast Complete and Crafting Dead are all examples of "Minecraft" mod packs. A "mod" is anything that alters "Minecraft"'s gaming content. Likewise, a "mod pack" is a large collection of mods grouped together to create a more complete change in the experience.

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Many mod packs are built around central themes, be they magic, quests or visual textures. Some mod packs use custom launchers such as the Technic or Feed the Beast launcher to download and install new mods. Another option is to use the Curse client, which allows users to browse and install over 1400 "Minecraft" mods through a Web interface.

If one is playing "Minecraft" on a mobile device, then one's access to mods may be limited but not lost altogether. There are several apps available, such as Blocklauncher, which allows mods to be downloaded to Android devices. Mods are not currently available for consoles.

In DoubleUpGaming's "Top 10 'Minecraft' Modpacks 2015," the mod pack Tekkit Classic earned the number one spot. This was followed by Yogscast Complete at number two, Bevo's Tech Pack at number three, and Feed the Beast (FTB) Direwolf 20 at number four. Game review site Rock, Paper, Shotgun also recommends the Feed the Beast launcher to mod beginners as a way to get started.

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