What Is the "Minecraft" Herobrine Skin?


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A Herobrine skin is a downloadable "Minecraft" texture designed to look like the community icon Herobrine. The character possesses the same appearance as the default Steve texture, but with glowing white eyes.

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Herobrine is a popular "Minecraft" legend that originated on 4chan. He is said to show up in single-player mode and create unusual constructions, such as repeating sand pyramids in the ocean. The legend gained popularity after Brocraft streamer Copeland staged an elaborate hoax in which he encountered Herobrine while streaming.

The most popular theories surrounding Herobrine suggest that he is a ghost trapped in the game or that he is the embodiment of a virus. Fans also suggest that Herobrine is the deceased brother of Notch, creator of "Minecraft." This is impossible, as Notch never had a brother.

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