Was "Minecraft" the First Game to Use Blocks?


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Zachary Barth's "Infiniminer" is the origin of the block world genre of video games. First released in April 2009, "Infiniminer" is a competitive mining game with a procedurally generated, block-based environment. Markus Persson based "Minecraft" off of the gameplay and aesthetic of "Infiniminer."

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Barth based "Infiniminer" off of his previous game "Infinifrag" as well as XGen Studio's mining game "Motherload." Markus Persson considered "Infiniminer" innovative due to its simple design that allowed for a number of complex player interactions. With "Minecraft," Persson hoped to replicate the accessible yet emergent gameplay of "Infiniminer" but wanted players to also enjoy each individual gameplay component. The core gameplay in "Minecraft" revolves around building a resource collection, and Persson added a role-playing component in June 2011.

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