What Are Minecraft Faction Servers?

What Are Minecraft Faction Servers?

A "Minecraft" Faction server is a "Minecraft" server that utilizes the Factions player versus player mod. Players on these servers can build bases, ally together in factions and fight other players.

The Factions mod also includes systems for recruiting followers, earning money, claiming territory and establishing diplomatic relations with other player factions. Players can set safe zones and war zones; in safe zones, monsters do not spawn and players may not engage in player versus player combat. War zones are dedicated areas where player versus player combat occurs.

Faction leaders can prevent poor conduct by assigning permissions to players. Players who do not have permission from the faction leader cannot build or name objects, claim territory, withdraw money or change relations with other factions. The mod includes default recommended permissions for allies, faction members and faction officers; the leader can change these permissions.

The mod also includes settings for monster generation, player power levels and friendly fire. Leaders can toggle fires and explosions; they can also choose whether their factions have open membership and player versus player combat.

There are two expansions for the Factions mod: a taxation expansion and a map expansion. These additional plugins provide enhancements to the mod's monetary system and modify the "Minecraft" map system to display faction territories.