What Is a Minecraft Craft Table?


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A crafting table in Minecraft is a piece of furniture that allows the player to craft special gaming items that take up to nine components. It is typically the first item a new player places in a world, since it is required to create most other items in the game.

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When the player first starts the game, he has a 2x2 crafting grid available in his inventory, suitable for creating small items such as torches or wooden planks. More complex items, such as swords and pickaxes, require the 3x3 crafting grid available in the crafting table.

To build a crafting table, a player needs a single raw wooden block that can be acquired by punching a tree until it breaks. A single wood block in the 2x2 crafting grid yields four wooden planks. Placing a wooden plank in each square of the grid yields a crafting table, which can then be placed in the world and used to create more items.

The crafting table can be moved by striking it until it breaks loose from the world, at which point it can be picked up and placed elsewhere. Players commonly carry a crafting table or the materials to make one when mining deep underground to replace broken tools as needed.

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