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"Minecraft" is a sandbox game that mostly revolves around placing and destroying different types of blocks. Elaborate structures can be created with these blocks, and players can invite each other to explore the worlds they create.

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"Minecraft" was created by Markus Persson independently from major studios or publishers. It has since been distributed by the Swedish company Mojang and is available for a wide range of different platforms. It has become one of the best-selling games of all time. As of 2014, Mojang is slated to be purchased by Microsoft.

The game does not give players fixed goals, but instead places them in an open sandbox environment. At night, hostile creatures attack the player, forcing him to build shelter and defend himself. Shelter is built by mining blocks throughout the game world for resources and combining these resources into new types of blocks. Most mining is done underground, which is generally a safe area, but it is home to the occasional creeper enemy that can kill the player on contact.

The game employs procedural generation to provide a new game world each time it is started over from the beginning. Players can save the progress of their worlds and visit worlds that others have built.

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