How Do You Get Milk in Minecraft?


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Obtain milk in the PC version of "Minecraft" by right-clicking a cow while holding an empty bucket. Milk stops the negative effects of potions, cures food poisoning and becomes an ingredient for cakes.

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  1. Make a bucket

    Craft a bucket using three iron ingots in a "V" shape on a crafting area. Place one iron ingot each in the center-bottom, right-middle and left-middle spaces of a crafting table. Click on the finished bucket, and move it to an empty slot of your inventory.

  2. Find a cow

    Locate a cow on your "Minecraft" world, usually somewhere in a grassy biome. Build an enclosure around the cow at least three blocks high to prevent the cow from running away. Add a door so you can go in and out. Lure the cow to an already-built enclosure at another location by holding wheat in your hand and walking towards the pen. Stay within five blocks of the cow so it knows to follow you.

  3. Get milk

    Once you have the cow enclosed in a pen, obtain as much milk as you need by right-clicking the creature with an empty bucket. Filled buckets are not stackable, so build enough storage spaces for dozens of buckets. Breed cows by feeding two animals wheat so they enter "love mode" and make a baby cow. Once you breed more cows, you have a limitless supply of milk to counter spider bites and to bake cakes.

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