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A "milk challenge" is an attempt to drink a large amount of milk (usually a gallon) within a relatively short amount of time. Drinking a gallon of milk very quickly is dangerous and even potentially fatal.

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Milk chugging may have been popularized by an episode of the television show "Jackass" in which two of the stars were challenged to chug a gallon of it. All participants eventually vomited before getting all the milk down. The challenge is seen as nearly impossible to complete as most stomachs only have a capacity of about half a gallon before a vomiting reflex is triggered.

Drinking a gallon of any amount of liquid quickly can cause serious damage to the kidneys, blood cells and brain. These challenges usually specify that the gallon of milk be finished over the period of an hour, but even this extended time is still potentially harmful. The large amount of calcium and casein taken in may cause vomiting. Consuming a gallon of whole milk in that short of a time also subjects the body to more saturated fat and cholesterol than is healthy. In the case of chocolate milk, a very large amount of sugar is also being ingested.

Despite the dangers, some college fraternities in the United States host annual challenges of this nature.

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