What Are Mile-a-Minute Afghans?


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Mile-a-minute afghans are afghans that are quickly made by crocheting or knitting pieces of the whole afghan in strips and then attaching the strips together to finish the whole piece. Many craft retailers and craft websites offer patterns for mile-a-minute afghans.

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Those searching can find books or booklets with mile-a-minute afghan patterns in craft stores, but many are available for free online. The time it takes to produce a mile-a-minute afghan varies due to the skill level of the crafter; however, the technique of producing smaller parts for the whole is amenable to the beginner's hand. There is a wide variety of mile-a-minute afghan styles, from multi-colored and zig-zagged styles to interlacing floral patterns. Ultimately, the final result of a mile-a-minute afghan is up to the knitter.

As afghans serve more for decoration than to warm the body, they often appear to be more textured and doily-like than a flat sheet of material. There are three types of afghans in terms of construction: mile-a-minute, join as you go and motif. Afghans, as blankets, were originally produced by the Afghan people. The word "afghan" in the English language can be traced back to the book, "Sartor Resartus," published in 1836. The book is a commentary on culture. The book's title means, "The tailor re-tailored."

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