What Is Midwest Sports Productions?

Midwest Sports Productions is an organization that arranges and promotes sports tournaments at the youth level in the Kansas City area. Midwest Sports Productions first began operations in 2007 and organizes various tournament experiences across the Midwestern United States area. Midwest Sports Productions hosts tournaments for various sports, including baseball, and its slowpitch and fastpitch variants.

Midwest Sports Productions follows a mission where it hopes to create and transform the culture of the communities it works in through a shared love of sport. The organization caters to all stakeholders of a sporting tournament, including the athletes, parents, officials and coaches. Midwest Sports Productions also operate through the community through various charitable programs and events, such as the Josh Williams Memorial scholarship fund, the NAMI Benefit Awareness Tournament, a MSP Love Hall of Fame and the MSP Love Player of the Month.

Midwest Sports Productions operates various venues and facilities around the Kansas City metropolitan area. Additionally, the organization organizes and hosts various themed tournaments for the community at large, including the Monster Bash, the Cowtown Showdown and the Hawaiian Hitfest. Midwest Sports Productions also organizes championship events in the Midwest and Kansas City area for a large variety of age groups.