What Is Michaels Cuebid in Contract Bridge?


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A player who uses the Michaels cuebid can bid once but show a two-suited hand. The bid is preferable when a player possesses hands that have a minimum of five cards in each suit.

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Mike Michaels introduced the cuebid to the game of bridge. In a game where the opponents have already called a certain suit, a Michaels cuebid comes in handy. It is applicable immediately after an opponent’s bid. By favorable vulnerability over a minor suit, the target should be a maximum of 11 high-card points and a minimum of five high-card points. The suit’s length should be a minimum of at least five cards in one suit and four in the other.

Unfavorable vulnerability, however, restricts the distribution to a minimum of five cards in each suit. The acceptable high-card point count is the same as that of favorable vulnerability.

The strength of the suit is dependent on the partnership agreement. In practice, the majority of experts prefer either using Michaels cuebid to show a strong hand or a weak hand. A weak hand is composed of six to 11 points, while a strong hand may have a minimum of 16 points. In cases where one partner has a hand with intermediate strength, it is advisable to over-call in order to communicate to the other partner on the partnership strength.

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