What Is a Method for Knitting Fingerless Gloves?


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Fingerless gloves can be made by starting out with 24 rows of knit stitches and creating the fingers from the base of the gloves by knitting in various lengths of rows. The gloves will be made by taking breaks in the knitting and cutting off yarn where the fingers would normally be located.

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What Is a Method for Knitting Fingerless Gloves?
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After completing the initial row of 24 stitches, create 15 rows of rib stitches. The next 12 rows should be a stockinette stitch and should always end in a purl stitch with the every other stitch being a knit stitch. The next four rows should revert back to a rib stitch. Cut the yarn off and tie it with an 8-inch tail. Then, fold the piece of stitches in half and use a yarn needle to sew the two edges together.

The place where the two edges are sewn together will be the spot for the thumb hole of the fingerless glove. Match the other fingers together,sewing them using a yarn needle. The pieces will form the holes for the fingers. Trim any loose ends and pull or add any additional stitches if the finger holes are not big enough.

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