What Are Metal Guitar Scales?


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Metal guitar scales are notes played in an order that best applies to metal type of music. A few popular metal guitar scales include Phrygian Dominant, Lydian and Hungarian Minor. The Lydian is a favorite of renowned metal guitarists such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and John Petrucci.

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The Phrygian Dominant scale in the key of A contains the notes A, Bb, C#, D, E, F and G. The scale has all three major A chord notes, which means you can apply the scale on any major chord with the same root.

The A Lydian scale contains the notes A, B, C#, D#, E, F# and G#. The scale also contains all three A major chord notes, but the rest of the notes make the scale sound completely different from the Phrygian Dominant.

The Hungarian Minor is less commonly used than the Phrygian Dominant and the Lydian, but many guitarists favor it because of the exotic oriental feel that it offers. The notes on the A Hungarian Minor include A, B, C, D#, E, F and G#.

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