What Are Mertailor Tails Made Of?


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Mertailor offers mermaid tails made of spandex and polyester, silicone, and spandex-Lycra blends. Mertailor also offers a mermaid tail skin made out of dragon-skin silicone.

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Mertailor's eco-friendly mermaid tails are made of a spandex and polyester blend and include a Finis Aquarius monofin. The silicone tail offered by Mertailor is made of professional grade dragon-skin Platinum Silicone and is soft, stretchy, UV-stable and similar in feel to human flesh. The spandex tail is made of a spandex-Lycra blend with sheer chiffon added to the bottom of the tail. Tail skins made of dragon-skin silicone have an added backing similar to neoprene.

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