What Is a Mermaid Crochet Pattern?

What Is a Mermaid Crochet Pattern?

A mermaid crochet pattern shows how to make an afghan that resembles a mermaid tail for an adult or child. Sometimes patterns describe how to crochet a tail-shape baby's bunting. Patterns are also available for crocheted mermaid dolls.

Wearable crocheted mermaid afghans typically tuck around the wearer from the waist down, creating a tail effect. The bottom wraps around the feet, while the tail fin attaches at the very end. Some patterns explain how to combine two afghans to form a case that completely encloses the lower body. Certain children's patterns also show how to crochet accompanying mermaid tops and crowns.

The bunting mermaid pattern requires soft yarn. The sack-like tail reaches to about shoulder height on the baby. The fin is simply a decoration and does not function as part of the bag.

Crocheted mermaid doll patterns come in several designs, from simple to elaborate. While many are one-piece dolls, some designs create a removable tail for the mermaid. In this case, the doll has legs, as well.

Difficulty levels in mermaid crochet patterns vary. They typically require the crocheter to increase and decrease stitches. Some directions use basic stitches, such as single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. Other instructions require more complex work, including treble crochet and front post double crochet.