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Menethil Harbor is a location in the computer game "World of Warcraft." It is a port town on the western coast of the Wetlands that has been a part of the virtual world since the game began.

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Aside from sailing or flying to it, Menethil Harbor can be reached by boat from Kalimdor, Theramore Isle and Valgarde. Flight connections include Thelsamar, Iron Forge, Refuge Pointe and Whelgar's Retreat. Menethil Harbor is a small Alliance city that is used as a naval base, and it contains the Deepwater Tavern, a Gryphon Flight Master, a First Aid Trainer, stables, mailboxes and a good number of vendors. It is also the origin point of a number of in-game quests.

Prior to boats being successfully added to the game in April of 2005, Menethil Harbor was home to one of the game's most popular minor characters, Captain Placeholder. This character would teleport players to Auberdine since the area was difficult to travel out of. After the events of the Cataclysm update, Menethil Harbor became flooded but remained inhabited. As part of that update, a pack of Dark Iron dwarves, led by Horghast Flamecrazed, took over the town's keep, but they were driven away from the keep during further story updates.

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