What Are Some Mega Bloks Power Rangers Toys?


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MegaBlok Power Ranger toys include the Sky Ship Showdown, Super Mega Jet Zord and the Red Lion Zord. Rounding out this collection of toys are the Legendary Megazord, the Ultimate Legendary Megazord and the collectible figure pack.

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Children can build two spaceships with the Sky Ship Showdown kit: the Sky Ship Zord and Damaras’s evil ship. The Sky Ship Zord has a galleon shape with two large red sails and a real working launcher. The evil Damaras' spacecraft is a small flying ship that is no match against the sky ship. The buildable Super Mega Jet Zord is a fighter jet with cannons. This toy kit includes the Blue Ranger action figure to pilot the jet. The third Zord, or war machine, in the series is the Red Lion Zord. This spacecraft set comes with its pilot, Red Wild Force Ranger, who sits atop the lion-shaped Zord.

The Megazord combines the powers of other Zords in order to fight the Armada's military force. The Megazord that children build from the Legendary Megazord set has posable arms and legs and two Super Mega Sabers. The Ultimate Legendary Megazord is a combination of two Megazords: the Legendary Megazord and the Q-Rex Megazord. This set comes with a Q-Rex drill as a weapon.

All the Power Rangers Mega Bloks building sets are made for children ages 5 and older. As of 2015, the manufacturer sells these toys on Amazon.com and in toy stores such as Toys R Us.

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