What Are Some Free Maze Games for Kids?

What Are Some Free Maze Games for Kids?

A Maze Race, Emily and the Magic Maze and Alice Maze are examples of free online maze games. Websites such as TheKidzPage.com offer both online and printable free maze games for kids.

A Maze Race is a free online game on KnowledgeAdventure.com. The object of the game is to find the exit of the maze before the computer does.

A Maze Race 2 is a similar game on PrimaryGames.com. Children use the arrow keys to control a red ladybug. They can pick up bonus items to race through a maze, attempting to beat the computer to the food at the end. Gone Fishing and Skeeter's Amazing Adventure are other maze games on the site. Both require children to navigate the character in the maze to an object at the end.

With Emily and the Magic Maze game, children navigate Emily through a Halloween-themed maze. Children have to navigate around obstacles.

The Alice Maze on TheKidzPage.com has children start on a red square. They have to conduct moves that take them from the starting square to the goal. Each square contains a color-coded arrow which dictates how far the move can take them. Snow Maze is another game on the same site that has children guiding a snowman through a maze to a wintry tree.