What Are Some Mayan Crafts for Kids?


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An ancient Mayan Indian mask and a God's eye are two Mayan crafts that are appropriate for kids to make. The God's eye is a simple design made from yarn and craft sticks.

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To make a God's eye, take two craft or popsicle sticks and overlap them, forming a cross.Then take a piece of yarn and tie it around the parts of the sticks that are crossed in order to anchor them together. Once tied, the tips of the sticks need to be numbered from one through four, starting at the bottom and going clockwise. Finally, the yarn needs to be wrapped around the sticks, starting with one and continuing all the way through four. This process needs to be repeated until the sticks are completely covered with the yarn. Use different colors for each wrap around to make a fun design.

Making a Mayan Indian mask requires a gallon jug cut in half, flour, water, strips of newspaper, scissors, paints, paintbrushes and glue. Make paper mache paste out of flour and water, and dip the newspaper strips into the paste. Cover the jug with the newspaper and paste, and wait 24 hours for the paper mache to dry. After it dries, the mask can be painted.

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