What Mattel Games Are Appropriate for Young Children?


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“Fijit Friends Dance Party,” “Barbie Fairy Secret Adventure” and “Kanani Ocean Rider” are suitable Mattel games for children. “Hot Wheels Trailblazin’ Tricks” is also a good children’s game.

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“Fijit Friends Dance Party” involves keeping the Fijit friends dancing until the end of each level. Players click on the musical notes sequence to avoid running the dance meter out. They also collect flowers to receive power-ups at the store. “Barbie Fairy Secret Adventure” includes gathering five fairy items to win. Players click to select fairy wings and press the arrow keys for movement. They also ride on a Pegapony to increase their flying power and collect bonus items for extra points.

“Kanani Ocean Rider” is a game that focuses on surfing to score points. Players click to select a surfboard and press the arrow keys to surf up, surf down and land properly. They score more points by surfing the high tide and landing successfully after doing tricks.

“Hot Wheels Trailblazin’ Tricks” is a bike-racing game that involves three levels. Players press the arrow keys and spacebar to move forward, move backward and jump off the ground. Players score points and earn trophies by collecting coins on each level, receiving a time bonus and completing locations.

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