What Math Skills Does the Game Snail Bob Teach Children?


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"Snail Bob" focuses little on math skills. Instead, it helps children put logic and reasoning skills into practice. Using on-screen prompts, children must dodge obstacles to help Bob, the snail, make it to exits. In "Snail Bob 2," for example, Bob must find his way to his grandfather's birthday celebration.

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Sequels to "Snail Bob" have different story lines. In "Snail Bob 3," for example, children are tasked with navigating Bob to the present time after he accidentally triggers a time machine, which transports him back in time to ancient Egypt. In "Snail Bob 4," the game takes place in space.

In "Snail Bob 5," Bob is in love with the chosen one, and children have to navigate Bob to the chosen one. In "Snail Bob 6," children must navigate Bob through a snowy landscape, avoiding dangerous inhabitants of the frozen forest. "Snail Bob 7" requires children to move Bob through a mysterious fantasy world, crossing paths with fantasy characters and creatures such as monsters, demons and dragons. In "Snail Bob 8," Bob encounters an island full of cannibals.

All versions of "Snail Bob" are available on Games.fm, as of June 2015. Some parts of the series, as well as other games, are available at MathGameTime.com.

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