What Are Some Free Math Games for Kids?


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Free math games for children include “The Highlight Zone” and “Catch the Centigurps” from PBSKids.com. Other free math games are “Addition Pull,” “Subtraction Sumo,” “Fruit Fall” and “Feed Freddy,” all of which are available at ToyTheater.com.

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Children learn to count and identify shapes in “The Highlight Zone,” a game in which they select the required number of shapes to retrieve colors from gray backdrops. “Catch the Centigurps” involves collecting a specified number of creatures, which increases as the players proceed to the next levels. The game rewards players who collect many Centigurps.

In “Addition Pull,” players tug the opposing team into the water after selecting the correct answers to addition problems. The game has five levels that consist of problems created from the first 20 numbers. “Subtraction Sumo” requires players to force their adversaries out of the circle. Players win the game after selecting the right answers to the subtraction problems. The opposing wrestlers increase in size as the players advance to the next levels.

“Feed Freddy” involves feeding Freddy cookies that match the colors and symbols on his shirt. Freddy’s weight increases after every feed. In “Fruit Fall,” players create a picture graph after collecting a variety of fruit. Players select the correct number of collected fruits at the end of each round to advance to the next level.

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