What Math Games Are Available on BrainPOP Jr?


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Some of the math games available on Brainpop Jr. include "Pearl Diver" and "Monster Schoolbus." In the "Pearl Diver" game, players must navigate a line of numbers in order to find treasure, and in "Monster Schoolbus" players must combine monsters to make as few trips around a neighborhood as possible.

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Another featured game on Brainpop Jr. is "Treefrog Treasure." This game helps players learn various numberline concepts while playing as a frog who can climb and bounce on walls. "Battleship Numberline" is another featured math game on Brainpop Jr. that tasks players with following a numberline in order to estimate the position of paper ships, which players then blown up. "Sortify: Basic Adding" teaches players addition concepts by having them label bins with specific sums and then fill each bin with cards. The player then adds the cards together to reach the desired sum.

There are also several games on Brainpop Jr. played with matching game sheets that players print beforehand. Games such as "Making Change Under a Dollar" and "Dollar and Cents" have players clicking spinners on their computers, and spinning and landing on specific sums or differences to solve. Other games, such as "Centimeters, Meters and Kilometers," have players dragging and dropping various pictures in their appropriate places.

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