What Math Concepts Does the "Crazy Taxi" Game Teach?


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Multiplication is the underlying math concept of Coolmath's online "Crazy Taxi" game, as explained on the company's website. The goal in Sega's "Crazy Taxi" is to collect as many fares as possible, by picking up customers and bringing them to their destinations in as short a time as possible, according to Wikipedia. The math concepts inherent in the Sega game include estimating, addition and subtraction.

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In the Coolmath version, the goal is to crash into some cars but avoid others. To accomplish the goal, a player must correctly identify multiples of a number given by the game and crash only into cars bearing those multiples. For example, if the game tells a player to crash into multiples of seven, then only cars bearing the numbers 7, 14, 21, 28 and so on score, states the Crazy Taxi game page. To succeed, players must know the multiplication tables and be familiar with the mathematical concept of factoring. Coolmath is an educational technology developer since 1997.

Hitmaker, an internal division of Sega, developed "Crazy Taxi" as entertainment. Sold at first as an arcade game, Sega released GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions in 2001 and a personal computer version in 2002, states Segaretro.org.

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