What Are Some Math-Based Shooting Games?


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Some math-based shooting games are "Space Math" and "Fruit Splat Addition." These free Flash-based games are available online and help students practice basic math skills while having fun.

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In "Space Math," the player chooses the type of math problems that need to be solved in order to fire at the correct number. The choices include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. The game features a glass window with stars and numbers flying by it. The player solves the problem and shoots the correct number to see the next question. As the game progresses, the numbers fly by the window faster and faster, and sometimes, instead of a math problem, the player sees a spelled-out number to shoot down.

"Fruit Splat Addition" allows the player to decide on the skill level from single-digit to double-digit problems and answers. After selecting the skill level, the player decides to play a relaxed game or a timed game with slow-moving fruit or fast-moving fruit. The player sees an addition problem in the center of the screen and must shoot at the piece of fruit that has the correct answer written on it. When the player shoots the correct piece of fruit, a new question pops up.

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