What Materials Are Needed to Make a Wreath?

Wreaths can be made from a variety of natural and artificial materials, including wire, foam and evergreen sprigs. A simple wreath can be made by attaching evergreen cuttings to a circular wire frame with green floral wire. Designers can add decorative bows, berries and ornaments as they like.

The two primary bases for wreathes are a circular wire frame or foam circle. Craft stores also sell grapevine wreathes in several sizes that can be decorated and do not need to be entirely hidden. For heavy wreathes, a wire frame is the best option for the base.

A variety of tools are needed to complete a wreath. Martha Stewart recommends floral wire, wire cutters, a hot-glue gun and floral pins. Fishing line, ribbon and twine are also useful in decorating or hanging the wreath. Spray paint is another useful tool in decorating and preserving natural greenery.

If creating a traditional Christmas wreath, holly berries, pine cones and jingle bells make suitable decorations. Instead of evergreen sprigs, laurel leaves can also be used to create a green wreath. Greenery is not required for a wreath, and ornaments, pine cones and cranberries can be utilized to cover the base. For use all year long, dried herbs and flowers, such as lavender and sage, are good choices for wreathes.