What Materials Do You Need for a Do-It-Yourself Snow Globe?


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Materials required for a simple do-it-yourself snow globe include a jar, a plastic or ceramic figurine (or other decoration of choice), oil-based enamel paint, distilled water and glitter or fake snow. Some clear-drying epoxy, sandpaper and glycerin are also necessary to make the snow globe.

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Any type of small glass jar with a tight fitting lid, such as a baby food jar or an olive jar, works for making a homemade snow globe. To make the snow globe, paint the lid of the jar in your color of choice using an oil-based enamel paint, then sand the inside of the lid to make the surface rough. Apply a clear-drying epoxy, such as hot glue from a hot glue gun, to the inside of the lid. Attach your plastic or ceramic figurine, which you can find at a flea market, yard sale or hobby or model-railroad shop, of choice to the lid where the epoxy is.

Using distilled water, fill the jar nearly to the top, leaving enough room to add a pinch of glitter or fake snow and a tiny amount of glycerin, which prevents the glitter or fake snow from falling to the bottom of the jar too fast. However, adding too much glycerin causes the glitter to stick to the bottom. Carefully screw the lid onto the jar so as not to disturb the figurine.

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