What Materials Do You Need to Make Your Own Slippers?


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In general, making homemade slippers requires basic materials such as fabric, a sewing needle, thread and scissors. Additional helpful tools include a measuring tape, sewing pencil and patterned vinyl fabric for non-slip soles. A template or pattern provides easy-to-follow instructions for cutting the slipper components out. Alternatively, make them to size by tracing feet onto cardboard that can be used to guide the size of the soles.

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Homemade slippers can be made out of a variety of fabrics, including upcycled options such as old sweaters, bath towels, socks or jeans. Alternatively, crafters can sew slippers out of new fleece, cotton, flannel or felt. Knitters and crocheters have the option to turn yarn into slippers by following a crafting pattern.

To make basic fabric slippers, lay the pattern for the slipper components, including the sole and sides for each slipper, over the fabric. Trace the pattern with a sewing pencil, cut each piece out, and pin the pieces together, arranging the wrong sides facing together. With a needle and thread or a sewing machine, sew a seam down the heel. Sew another seam beginning at the front of the ankle and extending to the toes, leaving the sole area unfinished.

Pin the sole to the upper part of the slipper, and sew it on using a 1/4-inch seam. Repeat the process with the second slipper. Turn each right side out, and finish them with embellishments such as a blanket stitch with contrasting color or a bit of fancy trim.

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