What Materials Do You Need to Knit Christmas Stocking?


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To knit a Christmas stocking, gather together yarn, circular and double-pointed needles, stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and a gauge. After knitting the stocking, use an embroidery needle and thread to add the Christmas designs.

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To make a stocking, start with the cuff by casting on 20 stitches on each of three size 2 double-pointed needles using a circular needle, and then moving to ribbing knitting. Use white- or cream-colored yarn for the cuff, heel and toe. After a few rows, change from ribbing to in-the-round knitting. After the cuff is at the desired length, 3 or 4 inches long, switch the yarn to a different color such as red or green. Continue the process until the leg is the desired length.

Switch out the yarn again for the heel flap, and cast on 30 stitches on one needle and 15 stitches on the other two. Knit in stockinette for at least 20 rows, and move into some short straight back and forth rows. Change back to the main yarn color for the bulk of the foot, around 7 inches. For the toe, decrease the stitches per row, and then thread the yarn through the stitches to bring the rows together. Use scrap yarn and a tapestry needle to sew designs such as snowflakes or a name into the stocking.

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