What Materials Does Kate Malone Use?

British ceramic artist Kate Malone uses traditional clay to create most of her work. Her pottery pieces are known for being bright and colorful. Their unique shapes are based off of natural forms such as fruits and seeds.

Malone describes her work as "very simply made." She uses a small turntable, a hack saw blade, a few wooden tools and her fingers to create her art. She takes complex shapes, pares them down and creates a pattern to shape her particular work. Once the work is done in its clay form, she glazes. Malone says that glazing is the most challenging part of her process.

In 2004, Malone finished an installation for the Children's Library at the Royal Jubilee Library that was called The Wall of a Thousand Stories. Random items such as a hammer, chair and light bulb were used to create a story. Then the items were hung on the wall to create the work of art. The final work comprises 91 pieces.

During her more than 30 years making ceramics, Malone has had work displayed in solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Canada, several countries in Europe, including her native England, the Caribbean and Asia.