How Is the Masterpoint System Determined in Bridge?


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The American Contact Bridge League awards masterpoints based on the class of the event, the number of participants, the number of sessions and the level of competition. Masterpoints are categorized by color to differentiate between online play, club events and regional and national tournaments.

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The American Contact Bridge League awards colorless points for online play, black points for club games and unit games, silver points for sectional tournaments, and red points for regional and national games. Gold points reward highest overall placements and section tops at the regional and national tournaments and are awarded at certain special games. National championships also award platinum points, so masterpoint awards at these events are a combination of red, gold, and platinum.

Masterpoints allow bridge players in the American Contact Bridge League to compare their standing with other players. In order to move up a rank, a player must meet a minimum number of masterpoints and a minimum of a specific color of masterpoint. For example, moving from Sectional Master to Regional Master requires a minimum of 100 points, of which 15 must be black, 15 must be silver, and 5 must be red, gold, or platinum. The highest rank in the league is Grand Life Master.

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