What Are Some Mario Sound Effects?


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Some of the most iconic sound effects from the Mario video games are the 1-up sound, the coin sound and the power up sound. However, these are just some of the very many sound effects found throughout the series.

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The Mushroom Kingdom provides an extensive list of video games from the Mario series but also provides lists and clips of sound effects from those games. For example, from Super Mario Bros, the site includes 18 different sound clips including the 1-up, coin and power up sounds. There are a total of 29 different games from the Mario series on The Mushroom Kingdom, totaling well over 100 sound effects.

While sound effects have been extremely iconic from Mario games, the music has been equally as iconic. Some of the music themes provided on The Mushroom Kingdom are game over, Mario dies, running out of time, stage clear and world clear. The musical themes and sound effects are extremely similar because they were both composed and played using 8-bit technology. Therefore, even though they were composed on real instruments, they're intended to sound synthesized to more effectively fit the game. More modern games in the Mario series will have similar sounds, but they will sound different when compared to the original because they don't use 8-bit technology.

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