What Is Mario, and What Is a Koopa?


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Mario is a famous character of the Nintendo brand. He has starred in multiple video games spread throughout the Nintendo platforms beginning with the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1981. Koopas are turtle-like invaders of the Mushroom Kingdom. Also known as Koopa Troopas, they act as primary antagonists in many Mario games. They first appeared in "Super Mario Bros." in 1985.

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What Is Mario, and What Is a Koopa?
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Mario was introduced in the early 1980s. Nintendo CEO Hiroshi Yamauchi and his team created "Donkey Kong." It was the first game that featured Mario, although at the time he was known only as "Jumpman."

As the game was being prepared to be released in the United States, Nintendo needed to find a name for Jumpman. He ended up being named after landlord Mario Segale after Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa thought the character looked like the landlord.

Since that time, Mario has appeared in dozens of games, including — most notably — the Super Mario Brothers franchise of games. As his popularity grew, a number of spin-off games and franchises were produced, including "Super Mario Kart," "Dr. Mario," Super Mario World," "Mario Paint," "Super Mario 64," "Mario Party," "Super Smash Bros.," "Mario Sports," "Super Mario Sunshine" and "Paper Mario."

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