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There are several combat-style video games that feature the Mario character including "Super Smash Brothers" and the fan-made "Mario Combat." "Super Smash Brothers" features several Nintendo characters and allows for multi-player combat. "Mario Combat" uses a side scrolling format with random encounters from turtles and other classic enemies.

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The "Super Smash Brothers" video game series is the only official franchise to have a combat-style fighting format featuring Mario. "Super Smash Brothers" allows for several crossovers with other characters from other Nintendo franchises. Originally released for the Nintendo 64 as “Super Smash Bros.,” the first game spotlighted characters from the Mario franchise including Bowser, Yoshi, Mario and Luigi. In later versions, playable Peach, Wario, Dr. Mario and Rosalina fighters were added.

"Super Smash Brothers" is different from "Mario Combat" as it focuses more on player interaction, rather than single-player encounters. "Super Smash Brothers" offers multiple modes that incorporate the fighting style in a number of ways. “Smash Run,” for example, pits players against multiple enemies for 5 minutes to collect power-ups before a match takes place.

"Mario Combat" only offers one format that is very similar to that of the classic Nintendo game “Super Mario Bros.” The game uses the same 8-bit graphics, while the "Super Smash Brothers" franchise uses advanced graphics that reflect current styles as of 2015.

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