What Are Marbles Made Of?


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The most common material used for modern day marbles is glass. Marbles have been made out of a variety of materials, including plastic, agate, steel and clay.

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Rarer marbles were occasionally made from mica, alabaster or marble stone. The invention of the marble is unknown, though it is referenced in Roman literature and found in archaeological digs in Egypt. Modern manufacturing of glass marbles started in the 1800's in Germany and was made easier by the development of marble scissors there in 1846. U.S. manufacturing of marbles started in the 1900's; glass and clay were the most commonly used materials. Marbles are commonly collected for play and used in a game, also called marbles. Other common uses for marbles are as substrate in aquariums, decoration in home design and in Codd-neck bottles as a seal for carbonated beverages.

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