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MapleStory items come in five categories on the item inventory tab, including equip, use, etc, set-up and cash items. Equip items include equipment used by characters, whereas use items are consumables, such as food, medicine and water. Etc. items are unusable items necessary for game play, and set-up denotes items including chairs, furniture and quest items. Cash items are those that are available for purchase in the Cash Shop.

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Some items in the cash shop include clothes, special equipment items to enhance weapons, helpful tools that make gameplay more efficient and accessories. Players can even purchase coupons for "plastic surgery" in the cash shop. As of September 2014, players need PayPal, Karma Koin cards, PayByCash or credit cards to charge items to an NX account.

Some items are specific to certain types of characters, such as pirates, warriors, thieves, bowmen and mages. Objects owned by anyone are known as common items. For example, coupons can be bought by anyone and used for services within the game, such as haircuts and makeovers. Bags are accessories that hold classes of items such as herbs and minerals. In general, items that hold fewer things or don't do as much damage are cheaper and easier to find. Items can be classified into three basic categories: weapons, armor and accessories.

MapleStory is an online role-playing game that was acquired by Nexon in 2005. Stories, items and quests are periodically updated.

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