How Many Words Can You Find in "Happy Thanksgiving"?

many-words-can-happy-thanksgiving Credit: John Morgan/CC-BY 2.0

A total of 1,191 individual subwords can be made by unscrambling all 18 letters in the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving," according to Word Axis. Words listed alphabetically by increasing length run from "aa" all the way to "painstaking" and "shanghaiing." lists 2,948 phrases made from the letters in the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving."

Other words comprised of the letters in "Happy Thanksgiving" include "napkin," "apathy," "patina," "shaggy," "against," "sighting," "paintings," "vanishing," "paginating" and "navigating." Funny phrases that come from the holiday include "Thank hap giving spy" or "Saving happy knight." Other silly phrases include "Pang navy thigh skip" and "Shag paving thigh pink."

A total 355 individual words can be made just from the letters in "Thanksgiving" alone, according to Anagrammer. The same website lists 16 words comprised of the letters from "Happy" based upon the board game Scrabble. The word "thanksgiving" is worth 74 points on a Scrabble board before adding in any double or triple letter or word scores.

Anagrams are words and phrases formed by rearranging the letters of a word to form another word or phrase with the same letters. The word "thanksgiving" can generate 13 anagrams, most of which do not make sense, and the phrase "Happy Thanksgiving" generates almost 3000 anagrams.