How Many Types of Violins Are There?

Violins are split into types using size, with a total of six sizes being the most common, ranging from 1/16th to full-size instruments. Smaller sizes tend to be used by children.

Violins are often also classed by time period or capability, as there have been many variations of the instrument since it was first used. This means that there is a large number of possibilities when choosing an instrument, once the musician considers size and time period together.

Classical violins are the most common, and are sometimes referred to as modern violins. These instruments are used for all kinds of music, including classical, jazz, pop and folk. They have slender necks, modern strings and chin rests.

in contrast, the Baroque violin was the standard instrument in the 16th century, and incorporates a thicker neck to accommodate gut strings. These instruments are still used by period ensembles that want to create an authentic 16th century sound.

The electric violin, much like the electric guitar, uses pickups to amplify the sound, rather than relying on the wood of the body. This enables the violin to be much louder than normal, and is often used for larger folk concerts, or more experimental contemporary musical styles.