How Many and What Color Snooker Balls Are Used in a Game of Snooker?

many-color-snooker-balls-used-game-snooker Credit: Pete/CC-BY-2.0

A game of snooker uses 22 snooker balls in 6 different colors. These are a white cue ball, 15 red balls and 6 balls of different colors: green, yellow, blue, brown, black and pink.

Each of the snooker balls is worth a different number of points. The 15 red balls are worth one point each. The colored ones have different values, with the black one being worth 7 points, pink ball worth 6 points, blue ball worth 5 points, brown ball worth 4 points, green ball worth 3 points and yellow ball worth 2 points. In a game of snooker, players score points by potting the colored balls in the correct sequence.