What Are Some Manufacturers of Collectible Porcelain Clowns?

Manufacturers of collectible porcelain clowns include Brinn's, Flambro and Ron Lee. Brinn's has a series of collectible porcelain clown and harlequin dolls, as well as porcelain clown figurines. Flambro has a series of porcelain Emmett Kelly figurines that depict him dressed as his famous hobo clown character. Ron Lee makes porcelain figurines of classic circus clowns, as well as some harlequins. Its website claims it has the largest collection in the world of limited-edition collectible clown sculptures, as of 2016.

Flambro's porcelain figurines of Emmett Kelly dressed as the hobo clown depict him in a range of different scenarios. One figurine depicts him leaning against a lamp post, in the snow, dressed as Santa Claus, but still wearing his clown makeup with painted black stubble instead of a white Santa beard. Another figurine shows him wearing a large barrel held up by suspenders over his hobo-clown costume.

Ron Lee's porcelain figurines of circus clowns have various themes. The very detailed figurine entitled "Sidney" is of a standing clown wearing a plaid suit, light blue blazer, light green hat and multi-colored, over-sized clown shoes. His entire face is painted white with a red nose, red lips, red cheeks and red markings at the eyes. The "Sidney" clown is holding a red heart-shaped balloon that has "Love" written on it in gold.