How Do I Manually Put in Codes to the Action Replay Without a Computer?

Action Replay codes can be manually input using the virtual keyboard of the device for letters and numbers. Some codes are less than 50 characters long, whereas others require hundreds of individual letter and number combinations. Action Replay codes can be found on the manufacturer's website and then transcribed into the game system by using specialized software.

As of July 2014, the first thing to do is get to the start menu for the Action Replay software on the gaming device. These codes are mainly for Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS games. Update the firmware for the Action Replay device in order to see a current list of games. Then, find the menu of games that have codes.

After selecting the correct game, users must input the code in designated slots on the screen. Some codes are two or three lines long, but others are dozens of lines long. The virtual keyboard lets users select the letter or number that goes in a particular slot in the code. Make sure to name the code appropriately to keep the system organized.

When the input code is done, select "Next" on the screen. After the Action Replay device is plugged into the gaming system, a screen asks what code the user wants to download. Select that code, and begin the game.