How Do You Make a Zipper Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Zipper Bracelet?

To make a zipper bracelet, cut a zipper in half, glue the pieces together, sew Velcro onto the ends, cut the teeth off of another zipper, and glue it over the cuff in a spiral pattern. The supplies you need are zippers, shears, Velcro, thread, a needle, toothpicks and glue.

  1. Create the cuff

    Cut a long zipper in half with heavy shears. Lay one piece horizontally on a flat surface, and place the other piece above it so the edges overlap. Join the pieces with fabric glue, and let it dry according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  2. Attach Velcro

    Sew Velcro tabs onto the ends of the cuff.

  3. Decorate the cuff

    Cut the teeth off of a long zipper, and discard the fabric. Glue one end of the zipper to the bracelet with a dot of fabric adhesive. Arrange the zipper on the cuff in an elaborate spiral pattern, gluing it as you work. Apply the glue to the metal with a toothpick, press it to the fabric, and use the toothpick to scrape away excess glue that migrates to the cuff.

  4. Dry the bracelet

    Leave the bracelet on your work surface for several hours. It is ready to wear when the glue is dry.