How Do You Make Yourself Photogenic?


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Ways to become more photogenic include practicing different looks and poses and looking at old photos to see what works. A technique commonly used for better pictures is elongating the neck, then tilting the head down slightly while looking at the camera.

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Regular exercise and avoiding unhealthy foods and alcohol improves appearance. Using eye drops before pictures can improve how the eyes look. Another trick with the eyes is blinking immediately before the picture is taken. This insures that the eyes are open and alert in the picture. Moisturizer can be applied to the skin beforehand to make it appear fresher.

Natural lighting should be used instead of flash when possible. Direct light should be avoided because it can highlight appearance flaws and cause squinting.

The body and face usually look better when angled to the side partially instead of facing the camera straight on. People also tend to look better when photographed from above. Putting the tongue behind the teeth when smiling creates a natural looking smile.

The best way to see what works is to take a lot of pictures to practice and see what techniques work the best. If the person being photographed enjoys the process, more personality is likely to show through, making for a better picture.

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